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    Brighton Electric Avenue Substation Project

    With the demand for electricity continuing to grow in the Allston-Brighton area, Eversource built a new substation on Electric Avenue in Brighton to help reliably deliver electricity and increase capacity to our customers.

    At Eversource, we're always working to serve you better. To address reliability and capacity issues throughout the Allston, Brighton, and Watertown areas, Eversource installed two, new, 115-kilovolt (kV) transmission line segments. We also constructed a new substation on Electric Avenue in Brighton; the new substation will connect to four existing substations around the region. Currently, we are installing 13.8-kV distribution lines along neighboring streets in the area.

    At the substation site, new switchgear, transformers, associated metering, protective relaying, control wiring and a security fence have been installed to connect the area's 115-kV transmission line to the local 13.8-kV distribution system. 


    Department of Public Utilities

    To construct and operate a new 115/14-kV substation, two new 115-kV underground transmission cables and an underground distribution conduit, Eversource filed a petition with the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU); the petition filing is part of the regulatory review process, as defined by Massachusetts state statutes.

    Project Facts: 

    • Electric Avenue Substation: New substation on Electric Avenue, Brighton
    • Route Length: Approximately 3.7 miles through Allston, Brighton and Watertown
    • Towns: Allston, Brighton, Watertown, Mass. 
    • Transmission Line Voltage: 115,000-kilovolts (115-kV)
    • Distribution Line Voltage: 13.8-kilovolts (13.8-kV)
    • Department of Public Utilities Approval: September 26, 2014
    • Construction of Substation: Complete
    • Construction of Distribution Lines: Complete
    • Construction of Transmission Lines: Complete
    • In-Service Date: December 2016

    Estimated Timetable: 

    • Restoration of Disturbed Areas: Second Quarter 2020
    • Cable Installation: Third Quarter 2020

    Construction Updates

    Eversource is committed to updating neighbors, business and community members about project activities during construction. Construction will not interrupt electric service to homes or businesses. Also, please keep in mind the constructions schedule might be impacted by weather or unexpected circumstances.

    All employees working on the project carry proper identification, and we always makes safety a priority in all the work we do.

    Spring 2020:
    • There are no restoration activities planned for the spring. Eversource crews will continue the final phases of restoration, including sidewalk repairs on Faneuil Street, in the summer of 2020. 
    Restoration is complete.

    Contact Information

    For more information about the project, send an email to ProjectInfo@eversource.com or call 800-793-2202.