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    Transmission Project Safety

    Transmission contractors will find work rules and training materials in this section to help complete your job safely.

    Who to call before the work begins

    Before working near power lines, you can request information about:

    • Voltage information and assistance
    • Overhead and underground hazards
    • OSHA's minimum safe working distances from exposed energized parts

    For these questions, call us at: 

    • Connecticut: 888-544-4826
    • Eastern Massachusetts: 800-592-2000
    • Western Massachusetts: 800-880-2433
    • New Hampshire: 800-362-7764

    For any other questions, please contact your local Eversource safety representative at the number below.

    State Name Title Phone
    All States Tom Leblond
    Capital Projects/Transmission Safety Manager 207-252-3589
    New Hampshire Joshua Scott
    Sr. Safety Advisor 603-848-7759
    Massachusetts Johnny Fu Sr. Safety Advisor 508-523-5175
    Connecticut Mike Siegel Sr. Safety Advisor 929-319-9680

    Transmission Work Rules

    The work rules below govern the safety and health aspects of the way contractor, subcontractors and others perform work on Eversource facilities, properties and work sites.

    The rules convey Eversource's minimum expectations regarding safety and health practices, and may exceed federal, state and local regulations.

    Transmission Training Modules